[R] pretty for date-time?

davidr@rhotrading.com davidr at rhotrading.com
Wed Jul 6 23:28:31 CEST 2005

pretty() works well for numbers and axTicks() can help for potting log axes, 
but has anyone written a pretty for chron objects (or other date or date-time classes)?
It would have natural units of years, months, .., days, hours, (minutes?), and
it would choose the appropriate unit based on the date(time) range.
I have searched the archives and documentation to no avail.
(I wrote one of these back in my Fortran days, and it was non-trivial, even just for dates.)

If no-one has done it, I would be willing to work with someone more expert on production quality R to produce it.

Thanks for any pointers,

David L. Reiner
Rho Trading
440 S. LaSalle St.
Chicago  IL  60605

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