[R] Plotting Character Variable

ohalawa@umich.edu ohalawa at umich.edu
Thu Jul 7 17:47:24 CEST 2005

Any ideas about the following problem:

I have a matrix (A) that looks like this:

gene_names             values
hsa-mir-124              0.3
hsa-mir-234              0.1
hsa-mir-344              0.4
hsa-mir-333              0.7
.....                  .......

(This is a 2 by 22283 matrix: quite large)

I would like to plot the values, but output the gene_names as the plotting
symbol. I have tried regular x,y plots, but since the gene_names are quite
large and there are 22283 of them, it's impossible to fit them on the x-axis.

Basically, can I plot the above matrix

plot(gene_names, value) where the gene_names are used as the plotting symbol.

thank you,

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