[R] choice of graph

Navarre Sabine navarre_sabine at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 11 10:56:31 CEST 2005

It's about 2 weeks that I think about a graph to translate my datas. But I don't have an really idea.
I 'm going to expose you my problem:

I have a questionnaire with 15 questions and you have more possibilties to answer to these.
For example:
     The trainer is competent:   Yes   No
     I have learn a lot at the training:   Bad     Quit bad       Medium     Good      Quit good
.... etc

I would like to represent all my question on the same plot and differentiate the different type of answer possible.

On my first impression, I had doing a classification of the different type of answer and doing a barplot, but my responsable don't want a classification but want to see all the question with their own type of answer.

I have attached my first idea!

Can you please help me?

Thanks a lot


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