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Tue Jul 12 06:34:42 CEST 2005

MailMarshal has quarantined the following message you sent:

   Message: B42d3485f0001.000000000001.0002.mml
   From:    r-help at lists.r-project.org
   To:      m.kirchberg at massey.ac.nz
   Subject: Good day

With the proliferation of mass mailer type viruses, Massey University has 
had to implement a policy that quarantines emails with attachments that could 
be potential viruses, e.g. VBS, SCR and EXE.

However, this message is eligible for Self-Service Message Release.  If this 
attachment is genuine and you are certain that it does not contain any viruses, 
please simply reply to this message without editing it.

The quarantined email will be automatically released to m.kirchberg at massey.ac.nz 
upon receipt of your reply, else it will be deleted after 14 days.

Please note that your reply will be processed by the automated release system. 
If you have any queries or comments, please send them to Help.Desk at massey.ac.nz.

Message release code: MMRelCode

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