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Robin Hankin r.hankin at noc.soton.ac.uk
Tue Jul 12 16:01:00 CEST 2005

On 12 Jul 2005, at 14:51, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

> On 7/12/2005 9:29 AM, Robin Hankin wrote:

[bogus function snipped]

> I don't understand this.
> 1.  I don't think you meant to use sqrt() there, did you??
> 2.  What effect does the 0+0i have?  x has already been determined  
> to be
> complex.
> Duncan Murdoch

Er, guilty on all counts.  I plead the hot weather.

I intended to modify and post the following function
for cube roots.

"sqrti" <-
   function (x)
   if (is.complex(x)) {
   if (any(x < 0)) {
     return(sqrt(x + 0i))

[which deals with square roots in a consistent way, handling positive  
and negative reals, and complexes, in a nice way]

sorry about that


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