[R] Complex plotting in R

koen.hufkens@pandora.be koen.hufkens at telenet.be
Tue Jul 12 16:51:18 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I'm looking for a function or a combination of functions to do panel plotting of mixed graph types with the same x axis.

I would like to construct a panel with 3 stacked windows with on top a histogram, below that 2 cdf plots. They all have the same x axis value but different y axis values. Is it possible to construct something like that?

I've looked into the lattice package but it doesn't seem to solve my problem because I clearly want 1 x axis for all the graphs so not just a panel with 3 full graphs.

Something like this:


(copyright to whom copyright is due...)

but with the top and bottom graphs merged.

Best regards,
Koen Hufkens

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