[R] Calling R from fortran

simon sentientc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 22:02:06 CEST 2005

The following may sound stupid so please forgive my stupidness. I have a 
question which I don't know how to name it so I have to start from the 
beginning. In an attempt to gain better understand how a photochemical 
air qaulity model works, I plotted hourly ozone concentration contour 
from the model's standard output to observe the changes in simulation. 
Because the model actually peroform simulation in time steps of 5 
minutes, it will give a better resoultion if I can plot the ozone 
concentration with time resolution close to the model. However, if I 
modify the model to output data at every time step, it will be 
impossible for the computer to store this much information( the hourly 
standard output is close to 1gb). I was wondering if it is possible to 
modify fortran to call R or something, which can just plot a contour at 
every time step rather than put it as data. I am not sure about how to 
call this act. Also, if this is possible, will output of a contour give 
a smaller file size than data?
Thanks in advance,

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