[R] How to increase memory for R on Soliars 10 with 16GB and 64bit R

Dongseok Choi choid at ohsu.edu
Wed Jul 13 02:29:51 CEST 2005

Dear all,

  My machine is SUN Java Workstation 2100 with 2 AMD Opteron CPUs and 16GB RAM.
  R is compiled as 64bit by using SUN compilers. 
  I trying to fit quantile smoothing on my data and I got an message as below.

> fit1<-rqss(z1~qss(cbind(x,y),lambda=la1),tau=t1)
Error in as.matrix.csr(diag(n)) : cannot allocate memory block of size 2496135168

  The lengths of vector x and y are both 17664.
  I tried and found that the same command ran with x[1:16008] and y[1:16008].
  So, it looks to me a memory related problem, but I'm not sure how I can allocate memory block.
   I read the command line option but not sure what do to with it.
   Could you help me on this?  

Thank you very much,

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