[R] texture in barplots?

Adrian Dusa adi at roda.ro
Wed Jul 13 16:56:26 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 17:36, Knut Krueger wrote:
> Adrian Dusa schrieb:
> >Is it possible to draw barplots using a texture instead of colors, for a
> > black and white printer?
>   barplot(height,.....,density=c(4,6,8,10)  ...)
> for each bar one number - this example is for a barplot with 4 bars.
> with regards
> Knut Krueger
> http://www.biostatistic.de

Thank you, I read about density but they only seem to draw diagonal lines 
(differing in the number of lines per inch).
I am looking for different *types* of texture (i.e. maybe I could reverse the 
shading lines, or cross-lines or something like that).

All the best,

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