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Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Thu Jul 14 11:49:21 CEST 2005

Knut Krueger <admin at biostatistic.de> writes:

> Peter Dalgaard schrieb:
> >What is the real issue here? Import trouble? If you're importing to
> >Word/PowerPoint, why not use the Windows metafile? Perhaps they are
> >too ugly compared to EPS by your taste?
> >
> My reason was
> http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/328541.html

Oh, lovely.....
> I tried to plot emf files with pagemaker (not even a cheep or
> freeware pprogramm) and the lyaout was corrupted. I tried to use eps
> files the text was corrupted and I do not know how to transfer the
> *.ps file to tiff.

Stupid question: You did remember to close the graphics device when
you generated those plots (dev.off())? 

If an EPS file doesn't work with an Adobe product, there is some
reason to suspect that the file is corrupted or that there is an issue
with R's postscript driver. If you're seeing text corruption outside
the plot, then surely the E in EPS (for "encapsulated") is not working
as intended. 

Did you try the pdf() driver? That usually comes out rather nicely in
connection with Acrobat/Distiller.

> Maybe there is any payware but if you have a layout application for
> more than 700 Euro you don´t like to by any further application only
> to change the *.ps format. So I am looking for any solution to
> increase the resolution. Maybe I do not understand the meanings of
> res, width and heigh or it is not working as expected (see answer
> from 12 Jul 2005) I still hope that Porf. Brian D. Ripley will
> answer to this question even though I got him on his nerves with a
> wrong answer. :-(
> with regards
> Knut Krueger
> http://www.biostatistic.de

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