[R] Variance components from lm?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Fri Jul 15 05:57:23 CEST 2005

	  Yes, I'm very thankful for the support of Prof. Jonathan Baron and 
all the others who have contributed their time, creative energies and 
(for some) money to make R what it is today.  It is beyond the budgets 
of most people on this planet to purchase licenses for every piece of 
statistical software that purports to do anything useful, not to mention 
the amount of time required to install and learn how to use 
fundamentally incompatible software, overcome the sometimes near 
impossiblity of porting data between the different platforms, etc.  It 
is therefore an enormous contribution to have this common platform that 
includes capabilities to perform a increasing porportion of the 
statistical analyses that people in different disciplines have found 

	  Indeed, this is not only a service to the statistical community, it 
is an enormous contribution to the future of humanity, because it makes 
it easier for people to learn a variety of statistical techniques, 
thereby making it easier for them to get better answers to the questions 
that concern them -- and through their increased statistical literacy, 
making it easier for them effectively pressure others to improve the 
quality of their problem solving through better collection and analysis 
of data.

	  spencer graves

Liaw, Andy wrote:

>>From: Spencer Graves
>>	  Under normal circumstances, 'RSiteSearch("variance 
>>would likely identify "lme" in package nlme and lmer in 
>>package lme4.  I 
>>recommend lme, as it comes with a fairly complete set of helper 
>>functions described in Pinheiro and Bates (2000) Mixed-Effect 
>>Models in 
>>S and S-Plus (Springer).  "lmer" is Doug Bates' next 
>>generation product 
>>currently under development and lacking some of the helper functions 
>>available with lme.
>>	  spencer graves
>>p.s.  I said, "Under normal circumstances", because when I tried 
>>RSiteSearch just now, it didn't work.  When I went to 
>>"www.r-project.org" -> Search -> "R site search", I got "Computer 
>>trouble, July 13, 2005".  When it works (which is 99.7% of 
>>the time), it 
>>is my favorite tool for finding things about R for which I 
>>don't already 
>>know where to look.
> The server (graciously created and maintained by Prof. Jonathan Baron)
> crashed and a hard drive failure.  I was told it would likely be
> back online next Monday.
> I missed this search engine, too, as I've grown to depend on it quite
> a bit.
> Cheers,
> Andy
>>Steve Ellison wrote:
>>>I often use simple nested random-effect models for 
>>interlaboratory data.
>>>The variance components are important things to know.
>>>Is there an R function or package that gets variance 
>>components from lm
>>>objects? Or can someone point me to a method of doing so?
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