[R] Dividing a vector into ntiles

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You could try using "cut":
> cut(1:9, breaks = 3)
[1] (0.992,3.66] (0.992,3.66] (0.992,3.66] (3.66,6.34]  (3.66,6.34] 
[6] (3.66,6.34]  (6.34,9.01]  (6.34,9.01]  (6.34,9.01] 
Levels: (0.992,3.66] (3.66,6.34] (6.34,9.01]

Quantile is another possible solution to get break points:
> quantile(1:9, p = c(0, .33, .66, 1))
  0%  33%  66% 100% 
1.00 3.64 6.28 9.00 
You could use rounding if you want the integers, or use the given cutpoints.

Hope this helps,

Matt Wiener

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Would someone suggest a method (or methods) that can be used to
determine ntile cutpoints of a vector, i.e. to determine values that can
be used to divide a vector into thirds such as 0-33 centile, 34-66
centile, 67-100 centile. If for example I had a vector:
and wanted to divide the vector into thirds
I would have cut-points of 3, and 6.
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