[R] Proportion test in three-chices experiment

Rafael Laboissiere laboissiere at cbs.mpg.de
Sun Jul 17 22:56:41 CEST 2005

Jon and Spencer,

First of all, thanks for your insightful comments on my questions.  I am
quite impressed by the level of support one finds in the r-help mailing
list.  In particular, as Spencer pointed out in another post, I did not
do my homework and you have been overly kind in discussing the issue.  I
promised Spencer privately that I will read the Posting Guide before
getting farther in the thread, but I would like just to give a short

* Jonathan Baron <baron at psych.upenn.edu> [2005-07-17 15:05]:

> You still aren't saying whether you are doing this for each subject for
> the entire data set summed over subjects. If the latter, are you
> worried about subject variance? Do you think it possible that some
> subjects might show better performance in condition 2?  Would you be
> happy if you tested a single subject and got the result?  If subject
> variance is an issue, then you need to test "across subjects." One way
> to do that is to compute some performance measure for each subject and
> each condition and then do a matched-pairs t test across subjects.

Yes, I intend to do the test across subjects and subject variance is
indeed an issue in my case.

Thanks for your further suggestions, I will look at them carefully.


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