[R] about 3d surface plot

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Mon Jul 18 14:23:36 CEST 2005

I have a data format like this:
x coordinates   y coordinates             z value
3.77E+002	  7.13E+002	0,000000000
1.27E+003	  5.52E+002	2,756785261
1.06E+003	  4.76E+002	2,583918174
3.86E+002	  7.15E+002	0,158626133
3.60E+002	  1.77E+002	2,007595908
a pair of x and y corresponds to a z value. Can I use these data to draw a 
3d surface plot, in which surface constists of z values?if can, how?
Hao Wu

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