[R] sciviews installation

ghjmora g mail ghjmora at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 22:50:20 CEST 2005


1. a few months ago, I had sciviews working fine with R (rw2001) under 
windows XP
2. now, upgrading to rw2011, the stuff seems fine (every package 
installed),but I find a conflict when launching sciviews:
- it runs, apparently
- but when I try to work ("import/export In: text" for instance), it 
asks for Rcmdr ("Would you like to install it now?")

3. Rcmdr is already installed (with all dependencies) and works well 
when called directly in R gui
4. and it's impossible to make it reconized or to install it under sciviews

I have all the latest packages, and I am going to get mad.

what do you suggest to solve my problem ?


Georges Moracchini

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