[R] lapply question

Dave Evens devens8765 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 11:57:35 CEST 2005

Dear members, 

I have numerous arrays that are organised in a list.
For example, suppose I have 2 arrays in a list called

alist <- list(array(rpois(12,5), 6:8) ,
array(rpois(15,5), 10:12)) 

with array dimnames 

dimnames(alist[[1]]) <- list(LETTERS[1:6],
paste("namesd", 1:7, sep=""), paste("namese", 1:8,

dimnames(alist[[2]]) <- list(LETTERS[7:16],
paste("namesf", 1:11, sep=""), paste("namesg", 1:12,

I would like to use the lapply function to produce a
report with:
Array 1 

Dimension name: namese1 

Row Value              Value-Average(excluding Value) 
A    alist[[1]][1,1,1]
...etc for all elements in the first row on the array 
B    alist[[1]][2,1,1]

Dimension name: namese2 
Dimension name: namese8 

Array 2 

Dimension name: namesg1 
Dimension name: namesg12 

Can I use the apply to do this, something like 
lapply(alist, function(k), apply(k, c(1,3), ... 

but how do I layout the report using the array names,
dimension names etc and with each observation on a
separate line? Is it possible to give apply an array
and output a list?

Thanks for any help in advance. 


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