[R] Combining two matrices

Huntsinger, Reid reid_huntsinger at merck.com
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If 16063 were an integer multiple of 217 you could do this in two steps;
first construct the left half with rep() or

L <- kronecker(rep(1,16063/217),A)

and then use cbind(L,B).

However, 16063 is not a multiple of 217, so I don't know what you want to do
with the leftover 5 rows you need in L. If you want to recycle rows, you
could use ceiling(16063/217) in the call to rep and then use

Reid Huntsinger

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Can someone please refer me to a function or method that resolves this
structuring issue:

I have two matrices with identical colnames (89), but varying number
of observations:

matrix A                                matrix B

217 x 89                              16063 x 89

I want to creat one matrix C that has both matrices adjacent to one
another, where matrix A is duplicated many times to create the same
row number for matrix B, i.e. 16063.

matrixA matrix B

so matrix C will be 16063 x 178

I've tried cbind() and merge() with no success..

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