[R] sciviews installation

ghjmora g mail ghjmora at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 20:54:29 CEST 2005

Thanks for the replies

1. about Rcmdr versions
Sorry, I did'nt say wich versions because I tried a lot... before asking 
for help
First I tried the version of the site www.sciviews.org  (0.9-14), after 
I tried the Cran version (1.0-2) and at last I got the 1.1-0 version on 
John Fox's web.
After that, I wrote the message for help...
2. my mistake
 Excuse me, I met the first problem a few months ago with sciviews when 
upgrading the packages on line, and I was hoping for a new version of R 
with correct bindings. I never tried to downgrade the package (shame on me).

Now, I run R2.1.1 patched, with Rcmdr 0.9-17 which  was always here in a 
directory on my computer, because I was not able  to find 0.9-18. The 
result is that SciViews runs, with a little disagreement, but I am so 
happy that I take it like a kind of joke (obliged to load ADE4 in 
SciViews with the command line before use it)


Georges Moracchini
University of Corsica

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