[R] poisson fit for histogram

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Thomas Isenbarger isen at plantpath.wisc.edu 
I haven't been an R lister for a bit, but I hope to
enlist someone's  
help here.  I think this is a simple question, so I
hope the answer  
is not much trouble.  Can you please respond directly
to this email  
address in addition to the list (if responding to the
list is  

I have a histogram and I want to see if the data fit a
distribution.  How do I do this?  It is preferable if
it could be  
done without having to install any or many packages.

I use R Version 1.12 (1622) on OS X

Thank-you very much,
Tom Isenbarger

Tom Isenbarger PhD
isen at plantpath.wisc.edu

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