[R] reorder bug in heatmap.2?

Jake Michaelson jjmichael at comcast.net
Thu Jul 21 17:43:25 CEST 2005

I want to plot a heatmap without reordering the columns.  This works 
fine in "heatmap":

 > heatmap(meanX[selected,], col=cm.colors(256), Colv=NA)

But in "heatmap.2" I get:

 > heatmap.2(meanX[selected,], col=cm.colors(256), Colv=NA)
Error in if (!is.logical(Colv) || Colv) ddc <- reorder(ddc, Colv) :
	missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

(Note that instructions for the use of "Colv" and "Rowv" are identical 
in both heatmap and heatmap.2 documentation)

Is there another way to not reorder columns in heatmap.2?

Thanks in advance,


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