[R] problems with submitting an eps-file created in R

Christian Bieli christian.bieli at unibas.ch
Fri Jul 22 16:26:10 CEST 2005

Dear all

I've got some problems submitting a manuscript, because I can't manage 
creating the favourable eps-file of a graph created in R. The journal's 
graphic requirements are as followed:
format: eps
width: max. 6 inches
resolution: min. 1000 dpi
supported fonts: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Symbol, Times, Charcoal, 
Chicago, Geneva, Georgia, Monaco, Zapf, New York

Itried to ways of getting appropriate file:

1.Creating eps-file in R by drawing into a x11-device and then:
/dev.copy2eps(file = "file.eps", onefile = TRUE, paper = "a4", family = 
"Helvetica",  pointsize=1, print.it = FALSE,  fonts = "Helvetica")

/2. Generating a postscript-file in R with /
//postscript(file = "file.ps", onefile = TRUE, paper = "a4", family = 
"Helvetica", width = 6, height = 2.2, pointsize=1, print.it = FALSE, 
fonts = "Helvetica")/
an trying to convert it in ghostview.

Neither approach brought the favoured result. The error message I got 
from the quality checking program was :

Warning: Document is Missing Non-Standard Font 

One or more non-standard fonts used in this image is not embedded. Standard fonts are: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Symbol, Times, Charcoal, Chicago, Geneva, Georgia, Monaco, Zapf, New York.

In order to repair this problem, save your document with fonts embedded.

Error: Missing Fonts 

One or more linked or used fonts cannot be found. This is caused by DigitalExpert not being able to locate fonts on your system. All fonts used in the document must be active or have a defined and valid path so that DigitalExpert can find them.
 The only way to repair this problem is to make the fonts available to DigitalExpert, and then reprocess the files. In order to make fonts active, either activate them using a font management program, or move them into the system:fonts folder.

1. Obviously there's a font problem. Helvetica IS installed in my OS 
(windows 2000). Why "DigitalExpert" does not recognize the "Helvetica" 
font as a standard font? I thought the fonts option would embed the 
specified font in the file. Am I right or is there another way to embed 
2. Is there a way to set up the resolution of the created ps/eps-file in 
R (until now I did the settings in ghostview)?
3. I did not find particulars about the pointsize option. What is the 
effect of changing the pointsize value?

With best regards

Christian Bieli, project assistant
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
University of Basel, Switzerland
Steinengraben 49
CH-4051 Basel
Tel.: +41 61 270 22 12
Fax:  +41 61 270 22 25
christian.bieli at unibas.ch

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