[R] problems with submitting an eps-file created in R

Marc Schwartz (via MN) mschwartz at mn.rr.com
Fri Jul 22 16:50:28 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 16:26 +0200, Christian Bieli wrote:
> Dear all
> I've got some problems submitting a manuscript, because I can't
> manage 
> creating the favourable eps-file of a graph created in R. The
> journal's 
> graphic requirements are as followed:
> format: eps
> width: max. 6 inches
> resolution: min. 1000 dpi
> supported fonts: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Symbol, Times, Charcoal, 
> Chicago, Geneva, Georgia, Monaco, Zapf, New York
> Itried to ways of getting appropriate file:
> 1.Creating eps-file in R by drawing into a x11-device and then:
> /dev.copy2eps(file = "file.eps", onefile = TRUE, paper = "a4", family
> = 
> "Helvetica",  pointsize=1, print.it = FALSE,  fonts = "Helvetica")
> /2. Generating a postscript-file in R with /
> //postscript(file = "file.ps", onefile = TRUE, paper = "a4", family = 
> "Helvetica", width = 6, height = 2.2, pointsize=1, print.it = FALSE, 
> fonts = "Helvetica")/
> an trying to convert it in ghostview.
> Neither approach brought the favoured result. The error message I got 
> from the quality checking program was :
> Warning: Document is Missing Non-Standard Font 
> One or more non-standard fonts used in this image is not embedded.
> Standard fonts are: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Symbol, Times,
> Charcoal, Chicago, Geneva, Georgia, Monaco, Zapf, New York.
> In order to repair this problem, save your document with fonts
> embedded.
> Error: Missing Fonts 
> Challenge 
> One or more linked or used fonts cannot be found. This is caused by
> DigitalExpert not being able to locate fonts on your system. All fonts
> used in the document must be active or have a defined and valid path
> so that DigitalExpert can find them.
> Solution 
>  The only way to repair this problem is to make the fonts available to
> DigitalExpert, and then reprocess the files. In order to make fonts
> active, either activate them using a font management program, or move
> them into the system:fonts folder.
> 1. Obviously there's a font problem. Helvetica IS installed in my OS 
> (windows 2000). Why "DigitalExpert" does not recognize the
> "Helvetica" 
> font as a standard font? I thought the fonts option would embed the 
> specified font in the file. Am I right or is there another way to
> embed 
> fonts?
> 2. Is there a way to set up the resolution of the created ps/eps-file
> in 
> R (until now I did the settings in ghostview)?
> 3. I did not find particulars about the pointsize option. What is the 
> effect of changing the pointsize value?
> With best regards
> Christian

You need to read the help for postscript(), which specifically tells you
in the Details section to use:

postscript(..., onefile = FALSE, horizontal = FALSE, paper = "special")

to generate EPS files.

There is no resolution setting for a postscript file per se, since PS is
a device independent vector based format and the resolution of the
output is dependent upon the target device/viewer. One exception to this
would be the embedding of a bitmapped object in a PS file, but that is
not applicable here.


Marc Schwartz

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