[R] problem building R packages in windows xp

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sun Jul 24 20:49:08 CEST 2005

On 24 July 2005 at 19:38, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
| It is already optional, and documented as such as Uwe points out:

Yup, that one I evidently didn't know ... maybe the help on --docs needs to
be more explicit. Dunno. Or the section in the 'R Extensions' manual could
mention it too as it doesn't seem to:

edd at chibud:~/src/debian/R/R-2.1.1> grep 'docs="normal"' doc/manual/*
edd at chibud:~/src/debian/R/R-2.1.1>

| > You can simply avoid building chm files by saying:
| >
| >    R CMD INSTALL --docs="normal" MyPackage
| The reason it is on by default is that is the best option for building 
| packages for distribution.

Hm. I find that a tad backwards as building packages for distribution is (or
should) be done by scripts. And those are perfectly capable of picking a
non-default value. Somehow I doubt Uwe builds the almost 600 Windows binaries
by manual invocations ...

Regards, Dirk

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