[R] computation time gls()

Sebastian Leuzinger Sebastian.Leuzinger at unibas.ch
Mon Jul 25 17:08:01 CEST 2005

dear R users

i try to fit a gls model to a rather large dataset with an AR(1) error 

m1.a.gls <- gls(fluxt~co2+light+vpd+wind,
   correlation = corAR1(0.8))

there are approx. 5000 observations, and the computation seems to take several 
hours, i actually killed the process because i became too impatient. is there 
any way to be more efficient with R? (because really the model will be more 
complex, i.e. more predictors and higher autoregressive order). 

os: linux suse, R version: latest, machine: ibm thinkpad 42T, 1GHz RAM

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