[R] elegant solution to transform vector into percentages?

jhainm@fas.harvard.edu jhainm at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 26 21:48:31 CEST 2005


I am looking for an elegant way to transform a vector into percentages of values
that meet certain criteria.


# now I want to get the precentages of values
# that fall into the categories <=M , >M & <=N , >N
# let
M <-.8
N <- 1.2
# In my real example I have many more of these cutoff-points

# What I did is:

out <- matrix(NA,1,3)

  out[1,1] <- ( (sum(store<=M                ))  /length(store) )*100
  out[1,2] <- ( (sum(store> M  & store<= N   ))  /length(store) )*100
  out[1,3] <- ( (sum(store> N                ))  /length(store) )*100

colnames(out)<-c("percent<=M","percent>M & <=N","percent>N")

But this gets very tedious if I have many cutoff-points. Does anybody know a
more elegant way to do this task?

Thanks so much.


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