[R] LyX and Sweave

Friedrich.Leisch@tuwien.ac.at Friedrich.Leisch at tuwien.ac.at
Wed Jul 27 14:24:00 CEST 2005

>>>>> On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:12:41 +0200,
>>>>> Gorjanc Gregor (GG) wrote:

  > Hello R-users!
  > I have tried to use Sweave within LyX* and found two ways to accomplish
  > this. I have attached LyX source file for both ways as well as generated 
  > PDFs.

I have copied Gregor's files at


for those who didn't get the attachments. LyX looks actually much
better and stable then when I last had a look a couple of years ago.

To add to the discussion: One might even get better integration
between Sweave and LyX because LyX allows specification of file

	Edit->Preferences->File Formats

After registering .Stex as a file format for Sweave I can import .Stex
files using conversion command

	reLyX -f $$i && mv $$i.lyx $$o

and the move is necessary only because reLyX produces foo.Stex.lyx
rather then foo.lyx.

Using an Sweave shell script like Gregor's in combination with
"lyx -e latex" might do the trick to have direct conversion to PDF
from the LyX GUI.


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