[R] Installing SJava (I'm almost there, just a little more help please!....please!)

Quin Wills Quin_Wills at msn.com
Wed Jul 27 23:06:19 CEST 2005

Hi Duncan

Thank you for responding... I apologise for being so ignorant. I presume
that is a UNIX command - so have just downloaded cygwin (read about that
today) and ran your suggested line. I get:

Chmod: cannot acess 'configure.win'. No such file or directory

I am assuming that isn't good. Is this the configure file I find in SJava?
Do I need to move it somewhere for this to work?

All of the best,

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  It has been a long time since I looked at the Windows
side of things of SJava.

  Is configure.win present _AND_ executable.
Make certain that it is by using
  chmod +x configure.win


Quin Wills wrote:
> Hi. Day three and I’m still struggling with this. Any advice to overcome
> final hurdle will be enormously appreciated. I now have all the right Java
> applications etc. in their right places and have managed to get rid of
> errors but still get this:
> —    Making package SJava —
>  Building JNI header files... 
> adding build stamp to DESCRIPTION 
> running src/Makefile.win 
> (cd .. ; ./configure.win c:/PROGR~1/R/rw200l) 
> /configure.win: not found 
> make[3]: *** [config] Error 127 
> make[2]: *** [srcDynLib] Error 2 
> make[1]: *** [all] Error 2 
> Make: *** [pk9—SJava] Error 2 
> *** Installation of SJava failed *** 
> Removing ‘c:/PROGR~1/R/rw200l/library/SJava’ 
> I am Windows XP with SJava (SJava_0.68-0.tar.gz) downloaded to my c drive
> (c:\SJava_0.68-0.tar.gz). R is rw2001 (c:\Program Files\R\rw2001). I am
> using the following “R CMD INSTALL c:\SJava-0.68-0.tar.gz”.
> Why is the configure.win file not being found? Where is it looking for it?
> My eternal gratitude to anybody willing to take me out of my pain.
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