[R] a class matrix with class ordered data

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Werner Bier wrote:
> Deart R-help,
> I could not transfer ordered data into a matrix, does anybody knows if there is something wrong in the code below please?
> Thanks in advance, Tom
> Y <- ordered( unlist( Q[,1:2] ) )

	  This creates Y as an ordered factor.
> z <- matrix(0, nrow(Q), 2)
> z <- Y
	  This completely discards the matrix z and replaces it with Y. 
Nothing of the matrix remains (except in your memory).

> is.ordered(z)
> [1] T
> is.matrix(z)
> [1] F
> i.e. Is it possibile somehow to have is.matrix(z) equal TRUE?
	  Rather than asking only for an explanation of some little thing that 
didn't solve your problem, may I suggest you tell us more about the 
problem you are actually trying to solve.  Why are you doing this?  What 
specifically do you want to accomplish -- but expressed in terms of a 
very simple example with a few lines of code that a reader can copy into 
R on their computer and get something, then try a couple of 
modifications that might be closer to what you want.
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