[R] post hoc analysis after anova

Mahdi Osman m_osm at gmx.net
Thu Sep 1 17:53:04 CEST 2005

Dear list,

This is a simple question but I spent an hour on it without success. So I
sorry to bother you.

 I fit a linear model "lm" and then did "anova". 

My idea is to run multiple pairwise comparision for  several factor
variables (f1, f2, f3, f4 each with its own levels, say "0", "1", "3" etc
)at the same time and get statistics for each factor's levels. The
statistics I want is just the basic one such as mean standard error.

I tried the "pairwise.t.test", but I could not do what I wnated to.

I was wondering if anyone has idea about how I can accopmlish this task?

Thanks a lot for your tips and help



Mahdi Osman (PhD)
E-mail: m_osm at gmx.net

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