[R] unexpected error message with variog.mc.env() - geoR

Patrick Giraudoux patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr
Sun Sep 4 14:52:01 CEST 2005

Dear R-listers,

I have got an error with variog.mc.env() package:geoR that I cannot sort 
the origin out.  The origianal data file can be sent to people interested.

bin0<-variog(don1bgeo,estimator.type="modulus",  direction=0)
bin90<-variog(don1bgeo,estimator.type="modulus",  direction=pi/2)

everything goes smoothly with bin90, but using bin0 gives this error
after permutations:

 > Error in variog.mc.env(don1bgeo, obj.variog = bin0) :
         (subscript) logical subscript too long

Any idea about what happens?




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