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Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
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	  Thanks for providing such a concise example.  I ran your example and 
got the same error message with R 2.1.1 patched and with the MASS 
package version 7.2-19.  Moreover, I got the same error with the 
following simplification:

test1 = polr(rating ~ X1)

	  There are two possible next steps from this point:

	  (1) Copy the code for "polr" into a script file and work through it 
line by line until you understand where the error message arises and why.

	  (2) Report the problem to the package maintainer, who in this case is 
Prof. Brian Ripley <ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk>.  In reporting your problem, 
please preceed your script with something like "set.seed(1)".  Because 
you use pseudo-random numbers, someone else may get a different result 
unless you both start with the same seed.  Also, please report which 
version of R and the MASS package you used.  And you can certainly add 
that I get essentially the same result.

	  If it were my problem, I would try these two steps in this order. 
However, a polite note to Prof. Ripley asking about this without tracing 
the error yourself would also be acceptable.

	  I'm sorry I was not of more help, but I don't have time to trace this 
problem myself.

	  spencer graves

Abdelhafid BERRICHI wrote:

>>I've tried to simulate a normal law, like that :
>>X1 = c(rnorm(90,50,5583),rnorm(160,1198,13034597),rnorm(40,13,125))
>>then, I've regressed my ordinal polytomic variable "rating"
>         rating=c(rep(2,90),rep(3,160), rep(4,40))
>         rating = as.factor(rating)
>         rating = as.ordered(rating)
>         (ratins is an ordered factor)
>   on the continuous variable X1 like that
>>test2 = polr(rating ~ X1, method = c("probit"))
>>but R indicates me the following error whereas X does not have infinite 
>>or missing values?
>>Re-fitting to get Hessian
>>Error in svd(X) : infinite or missing values in x
>>good by
> abdelhafid berrichi
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