[R] r: chinese installation of r

Thomas Petzoldt thpe at hhbio.wasser.tu-dresden.de
Tue Sep 6 12:11:31 CEST 2005

Clark Allan schrieb:
> can any one help:
> A friends query:
> "My pc is using the chinese version windows xp, so when I installed R
> Chinese was 
> automatically selected as the default language.How can I change it? It
> brings a lot of 
> trouble since some of the output is in chinese too."

The R admin manual



"The preferred language for messages is by default taken from the 
locale. This can be overridden first by the setting of the environment 
variable LANGUAGE and then by the environment variables LC_ALL, 
LC_MESSAGES and LANG. (The last three are normally used to set the 
locale and so should not be needed, but the first is only used to select 
the language for messages.) The code tries hard to map locale names to 
languages, even on Windows.

Note that you should not expect to be able to change the language once R 
is running. "

If your system runs on Windows, define a variable LANGUAGE in the 
systems settings (environment) and set it to EN.

Hope it helps

Thomas Petzoldt

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