[R] Win32 network drive install

Y Y ssquid at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 08:59:35 CEST 2005

 I want to install r on a windows network drive so that
users who have their own Win2000 machines can run something like

x:\bin\rterm.exe CMD BATCH x:\url\prog.r c:\out\prog.Rout

I do not want to make n users install their own versions of R;
I want to install once, and give users the ability to run the copy
of R that I maintain on a group shared drive.

Given that I've installed r21xx.exe locally on my personal drive,
if I re-run the installer and target a network drive, would this
 * much up my local install
 * make r available to all who can access the network drive ?

The closest I could find in the FAQ

'2.8 Can I run R from a CD or USB drive?

Yes, with care. A basic R installation is relocatable, so you can burn an 
image on the R installation on your hard disc or install directly onto a 
removable storage device such as a flash-memory USB drive. '

Looks like I could put an image on the server; I'm not quite sure what
the steps are to make an executable image or if the files I make an
image of are exactly laid out after installing r locally.

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