[R] less precision, please!

Paul MacManus prm at runbox.us
Sat Sep 10 01:41:25 CEST 2005

I need to run qbeta on a set of 500K different parameter pairs (with a fixed quantile). For most pairs qbeta finds the solution very quickly but for a substantial minority of the cases qbeta is very slow. This occurs when the solution is very close to zero. qbeta is getting answers to a precision of about 16 decimal places. I don't need that accuracy. Is there any way to set the precision of R's calculations to, say, 9 decimal places and so speed up the whole process?

I could, of course, avoid this problem by not running qbeta when I know the solution is going to be sufficiently small but I'm more interested in ways to adjust the precision of calculations in R.

          Thanks, Paul

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