[R] Output of warnings inside the source function

Arkady Sherman Arkady.Sherman at ksu.ru
Sun Sep 11 00:00:18 CEST 2005

Hello, all.
There is a problem to get an output of warnings() function to sink in a 
file specified.
There are to files

1. File "test" with content:


2. and file "test_foo" with content:

options(warn = 1)
warning("Foo warning")

3. If I run R as

"c:\Program Files\R\rw2011\bin\R.exe" --no-save < test > out.txt

the file "c:/temp/foo.txt" will contain nothing.
But I'd like it should contain the warning message "Foo warning".
Is the behavior a bug of R or there is another way to get it working.
         Thanks in advance, Alex

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