[R] Time series ARIMAX and multivariate models

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nhy303 at abdn.ac.uk wrote:

> Dear List,
> The purpose of this e-mail is to ask about R time series procedures - as a
> biologist with only basic time series knowledge and about a year's
> experience in R.
> I have been using ARIMAX models with seasonal components on seasonal data.
>  However I am now moving on to annual data (with only 34 time points) and
> understand that ARIMA is not suitable for these shorter time periods -
> does R have other, more robust, methods?
> I have tried looking through the R help pages & documentation for packages
> but am unsure what model type is suitable.
> Secondly, I wish to start building multivariate time series models in R to
> look at how fish condition (for several sizes of fish) is affected by
> environmental factors and numbers of prey.  It would be great if someone
> could suggest what R packages/documentation would be useful to research?
> Thankyou,
> Lillian.
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