[R] package Spcmdr

Larry Layne ljlayne at unm.edu
Wed Sep 14 00:10:24 CEST 2005

In the R Console (ver 2.1.1) I typed the command help("ppinit") and 
received the error message:

Error in help.search("ppinit") : could not find package 'Spcmdr'

After typing library(spatial) I could get help on the ppinit function. 
However, I have tried in vain to find any information on the Spcmdr 
package. This has included searching the full R search site (Jonathan Baron 
and U. Penn) and looking under the RGUI's and Rgeo pages.

Does anyone know what the package 'Spcmdr' is and where I can find either 
the package or documentation about it?

Larry Layne
ljlayne at unm.edu

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