[R] R CMD INSTALL -l /path/to/library packagename/ fixed

McClatchie, Sam (PIRSA-SARDI) mcclatchie.sam at saugov.sa.gov.au
Wed Sep 14 03:36:00 CEST 2005

OS: Linux Mandrake 10.1
release: R 2.1.1
editor: GNU Emacs 21.3.2
front-end: ESS 5.2.3


The environment variables checked with Sys.getenv() all appeared to be in
the right place.

The easy fix was to copy /usr/lib/R into /usr/local/lib/R
then run the R CMD INSTALL packagename
then just copy the package subdirectory back to  /usr/lib/R/library

A cheat fix, but it worked.


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>I don't use Linux but perhaps you should check
>what environment variables you have defined
>and also if you have anything in your *.site
>files, if you have them, that could cause that.

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