[R] Reading data from a serial port

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> Now all this of course is written in terms of a Linux system,
> and we don't know yet what sort of system you are using. On Windows,
> I find one can navigate by hand through
>   My Computer -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager
>   -> Ports -> Communications Port (COM1) -> Port settings
> where again one can manually set "Bits per second", "Data bits",
> "Stop bits" and "Flow control" but, again, I don't know of a
> program which can be used to set these "non-manually".
I think that windows would use com1 for /dev/ttyS0 so one could use a batch file in windows with something like
mode com1:4800,0,7,1 

I recall somewhere about setting parity to 0 for space parity, but I don't have a DOS manual here at work.



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