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Anon. bob.ohara at helsinki.fi
Wed Sep 14 12:58:50 CEST 2005

Beale, Colin wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if anyone has written any code to implement the suggestions of
> Smart et al (2004) in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America
> for a new way of graphically presenting the results of logistic
> regression (see
> www.esapubs.org/bulletin/backissues/085-3/bulletinjuly2004_2column.htm#t
> ools1 for the full text)? I couldn't find anything relating to this sort
> of graphical representation of logistic models in the archives, but
> maybe someone has solved it already? In short, Smart et al suggest that
> a logistic regression be presented as a combination of the two
> histograms for successes and failures (with one presented upside down at
> the top of the figure, the other the right way up at the bottom)
> overlaid by the probability function (ie logistic curve). It's somewhat
> hard to describe, but is nicely illustrated in the full text version
> above. I think it is a sensible way of presenting these results and am
> keen to do so - at the moment I can only do this by generating the two
> histograms and the logistic curve separately (using hist() and lines()),
> then copying and pasting the graphs out of R and inverting one in a
> graphics package, before overlying the others. I'm sure this could be
> done within R and would be a handy plotting function to develop. Has
> anyone done so, or can anyone give me any pointers to doing this? I
> really nead to know how to invert a histogram and how to overlay this
> with another histogram "the right way up".
> Any thoughts would be welcome.
My reaction was that I had seen some R code in a Bulletin of the ESA 
that someone sent me.  A quick search revealed this:
which has the code.


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