[R] How to label a plot of a tree dendrogram with text

Alvarez Pedro palvarez7777 at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 15 18:59:40 CEST 2005

Dear R list,

I have generated a object of class rpart in R 2.1.1
(using the wrapper function "mvpart" of the
mvpart-package version 1.0-1). In order to label the
plot of the tree dendrogram with text I used
"text.rpart". In this function it is possible to set
the argument "label" to determine which values will
label the nodes. In the case of my tree-object I have
the following possibilities to chose the

> prunedtree2$frame[1:1,]
  var    n   wt       dev     yval complexity ncompete
nsurrogate   yval2.1   yval2.2   yval2.3   yval2.4
1 EST 4258 4258 377874512 113.6452  0.2399082        4
         1 230.56740 118.06599  78.31141  27.63598

In order to produce labels with variable "n" I

> plot(prunedtree2)
> text.rpart(prunedtree2,label="n")

Although I set label="n", it always produces labels
with variable "dev". I tried also to set label="yval",
label="yval2.1", ... without any success, everytime it
produces labels with "dev". What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Pedro.

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