[R] setkeys and Sweave

Friedrich.Leisch@tuwien.ac.at Friedrich.Leisch at tuwien.ac.at
Fri Sep 16 14:22:51 CEST 2005

>>>>> On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 10:38:51 +0200,
>>>>> Christian Hoffmann (CH) wrote:

  > Hi there:
  > Using

  > \setkeys{Gin}{width=1.0\textwidth}
  > \setkeys{Gin}{height=10cm}
  > \setkeys{Gin}{height=0.8\textwidth}

  > all seem to work under R-2.1.1 under sparc, solaris2.9, but

  > \setkeys{Gin}{scale=0.3}
  > \setkeys{Gin}{angle=90}

  > do not work. I have not been able to find relevant information, googling 
  > on setkeys proved confusing, at best.

  > http://cnlart.web.cern.ch/cnlart/218/node85.html states:
  > ---
  >   Setting key values globally

  > If you want to specify a global value for a set of keys, then you can 
  > use the \setkeys command defined in the keyval package (described below).

  > As an example let us consider the case where you would like your figure 
  > to be scaled to the width of the line. Then you could specify the following:

  >    \setkeys{Gin}{width=\linewidth}

  > The first argument Gin of the \setkeys command refers to the 
  > \includegraphics command. The result will be that all images include 
  > with this command (when the graphicx is loaded) will be set to the 
  > desired width inside the current group or environment.

  > In the similar way one could specify any of the possible arguments of 
  > the \rotatebox command by using the Grot specifier, e.g.,

  >    \setkeys{Grot}{origin=tc}
  > ---

  > Question:

  > Which variants of \setkeys are there? Is there a list stating these?

That's not really an R question, but a LaTeX question. Maybe you have
more luck on a LaTeX list. I always use the grfguide.ps manual that
comes with the graphics package (at least on my Debian Luinux box) as
reference, or the LaTeX companion. 

  > Can several \setkeys{of the same sort} be used inside one document?

Yes, I regularly do that. Every \setkeys{} sets the value from the
point in the LaTeX document where it appears, i.e.,





does the expected.

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