[R] help for linear-circular correlation

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sun Sep 18 07:19:18 CEST 2005

	  Have you received a reply to your question?  I haven't seen one.

	  I got from Google a reference that gave a definition(a);  it doesn't 
seem like it would be hard to program.  However, before I did that, I 
think I would review the contents of the circular and CircStats 
packages.  After figuring out how the circular data are stored and 
manipulated in each package, including functions like "lm.circular" in 
package "circular".  Then I might write a function roughly like what I 
would like to have as part of one of those packages.

	  If you try this and get stuck, feel free to submit another post 
describing what you've tried and what you can't get to work;  you may 
also try an email to Claudio Agostinelli <claudio at unive.it>, the 
maintainer for both the circular and CircStat packages.  (If you try 
r-help again, the posting guide contains hints that might increase the 
speed and utility of replies; 

	  Good Luck,
	  Spencer Graves


ecoinfo wrote:

> Hi R-profs,
> Maybe my question is a little off topic. Could any one tell me how to
> calculate a linear-circular correlation coefficient and its p-values?
> I had a quick look at circular and CircStats packages and did not find
> the related function.
> Thanks for any kindly help.
> Xiaohua

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