[R] Converting the result of classification tree into SQL query

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Mon Sep 19 16:00:54 CEST 2005

On 9/19/05 9:32 AM, "Yuliya S Ivanova" <YSIvanova at beeline.ru> wrote:

> I built the model of classification tree.Now I want to convert the result
> rules of the tree into Sql query for applying received rules to my dataset
> in the database managment system.
> Can this be done or not ? If it can, tell me please how I can do it.
> Thanks for your help.

This will need to be done by hand, I think.  In other words, you will need
to write the SQL query yourself.  Of course, you can make such a query
dynamic using tools like "paste", but I don't think there is a tool to do
exactly what you want.


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