[R] Problem with tick marks in lines.survfit (package survival)

Robert Baer rbaer at atsu.edu
Mon Sep 19 16:13:15 CEST 2005

How about:
plot(fit, mark.time=TRUE, xscale=365.24,xlab='Years',

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Subject: [R] Problem with tick marks in lines.survfit (package survival)

> I have attempted to follow posting guidelines but I have failed to find
> what I am doing wrong here.
>  I am trying to use lines.survfit to plot a second curve onto a survival
> curve produced by plot.survfit. In my case this is to be a progression
> survival curve superimposed upon an overall survival curve, but I will
> illustrate my problem using the example given in the help for
>  I would like to have tick marks for censored data points on both curves,
> I would like to do something like:
>  > fit <- survfit(Surv(time, status) ~ sex, pbc,subset=1:312)
> > plot(fit[2], mark.time=TRUE, xscale=365.24,
> + xlab='Years', ylab='Survival')
> > lines(fit[1], lwd=2, xscale=365.24, mark.time=TRUE)
>  but when I do this, no tick marks appear on the second curve. Can anyone
> see what I am doing wrong here?
>  Rachel
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