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20% discount on Chapman & Hall/CRC books for users of R

Chapman and Hall/CRC is pleased to announce that users of R are now able to purchase our books at 20% discount through our website. To take advantage of this permanent offer, simply visit http://www.crcpress.com/, choose your titles, and insert the online discount code - 585HHXXXX - in the 'Promotion Code' field at checkout.

You can also take advantage of a limited-time offer of free standard shipping on all orders through our website at this time.

Featured Titles:

R Graphics
Paul Murrell

A description of the core graphics features of R including: a brief introduction to R; an introduction to general R graphics features. The base graphics system of R: traditional S graphics. The power and flexibility of grid graphics. Building on top of the base or grid graphics: Trellis graphics and developing new graphics functions. 

Discounted Price: $55.96/£31.99

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Using R for Introductory Statistics
John Verzani  

This book fills a gap as a true introduction to statistics using R. With emphasis on data analysis and practical examples, it encourages understanding rather than focusing on learning the underlying theory. It includes a large collection of exercises and numerous practical examples from a broad range of scientific disciplines. It comes complete with an online resource containing datasets, R functions, selected solutions to exercises, and updates to the latest features. A full solutions manual is available from Chapman & Hall/CRC.
Discounted Price: $35.96/£19.99

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Linear Models with R
Julian J. Faraway

Focussed on the practice of regression and analysis of variance, this book clearly demonstrates the different methods available and in which situations each one applies. It covers all of the standard topics, from the basics of estimation to missing data, factorial designs, and block designs, but it also includes discussion of topics, such as model uncertainty, rarely addressed in books of this type. The presentation incorporates an abundance of examples that clarify both the use of each technique and the conclusions one can draw from the results. 

Discounted Price: $55.96/£31.99

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Correspondence Analysis and Data Coding with Java and R
Fionn Murtagh

Provides an introduction to methods and applications of correspondence analysis, with an emphasis on data coding - the first step in correspondence analysis. It features a practical presentation of the theory with a range of applications from data mining, financial engineering, and the biosciences. Implementation of the methods is presented using Java and R software.  

Discounted Price: $63.96/£35.99

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Call for Authors

If you are working on a manuscript or have an idea for a book, and are interested in publishing with Chapman & Hall/CRC, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss publishing, or have any questions about any of our titles.

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