[R] error when loading rwinedt

ronggui.wong 042045003 at fudan.edu.cn
Wed Sep 21 16:54:19 CEST 2005

>So, what version of WinEdt are you using, where is it installed and what 
>are the corresponding registry entries?

Thank you!

my winedt's location is not the standard one which cause the error.and i follow the install guide and make it works.    the following is the guide.

 b) Alternative: Manual installation procedure

    - Unzip the archive and copy the sub-directory PlugIn into directory 
      (e.g. "c:\program files\winedt team\winedt\plugins\PlugIn")

    - In your Windows-Explorer double-click on "install.bat".

    - If you have a personal profile for WinEdt, you might need to copy R.* into this
      personal profile folder, as well as send2R.edt.

    - If you are running RGui in single windows style (SDI), the default mode should be 
      unchanged. For RGui in multiple window style (MDI) or if you want to use R-WinEdt with 
      S-PLUS, you can change the R-WinEdt mode permanently(!) using the Menu, e.g.:  
      R -> Set R --mdi mode
      Note that MDI mode is ONLY supported for english versions of RGui!

    - To invoke R-WinEdt from startmenu or desktop create a shortcut to WinEdt as follows:
      "c:\program files\winedt team\winedt\winedt" -C="R-WinEdt" -e=r.ini
      There is also an icon "R-WinEdt.ico", designed by Erich Neuwirth, available in 
      the archive to prettify the shortcut.

    - In R use something like (for example in your .Rprofile):
       options(editor="\"c:/program files/winedt team/winedt/winedt\" -c=\"R-WinEdt-edit\" -e=r.ini -V") 
       options(pager="\"c:/program files/winedt team/winedt/winedt\" -C=\"R-WinEdt\" -e=r.ini -V")

    Used WinEdt parameters (Remark: There is a difference between -c and -C !):
        -c="name": New instance of WinEdt called "name" will be started.
        -C="name": If an instance "name" of WinEdt is already running, it will be used.
                   So you can run WinEdt as LaTeX and R editor at the same time.
        -e="name": Using "name" as initialization-file.
        -V       : Running in "virgin"-mode

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