[R] win.metafile on linux?

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Sep 21 17:02:18 CEST 2005

Hao Chen <hchen <at> utmem.edu> writes:

> Dear R-help,
> Is it possible to use win.metafile() on *nix versions of R?
> I tried R 2.1.1 on FreeBSD and R 1.9.0 on redhat with no success. I need
> to give some graphs generated in R to my boss so that he can modify them
> in Powerpoint to fit he style of his presentation. Recommendations on
> other methods are appreciated as well.
> Hao 

  this comes up every so often.
  if you have fig2dev (which may come bundled with xfig), you
can save your graphics as xfig and then use fig2dev -L emf
to save in extended metafile format.

  the other answer that has been suggested is to install R
for windows under Wine (assuming you're running on Intel

   Ben Bolker

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