[R] Doubt about Sweave

Berwin A Turlach berwin at maths.uwa.edu.au
Wed Sep 21 23:29:16 CEST 2005

G'day Ronaldo,

>>>>> "RRJ" == Ronaldo Reis-Jr <chrysopa at gmail.com> writes:

    RRJ> I reading about Sweave and it make a good output. But all
    RRJ> example is made with R commands mades in a file. Is possible
    RRJ> to make an output with sweave interactively in R and after
    RRJ> the analysis end export the latex code to a file?
As far as I know, no.  But you may want to look at Peter Wolf's
package 'relax'; see: 
That package may have the functionality that you are looking for.



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