[R] Course*** S-PLUS / R: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users*** October 2005

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Thu Sep 22 18:44:14 CEST 2005

XSolutions Corp (www.xlsolutions-corp.com) is proud to announce
our   October 2005 "S-PLUS / R: Complementing and Extending Statistical 
Computing for SAS Users" in Raleigh and Washington, DC
********* Raleigh  ------------------------ October 24th-25th, 2005
********* Washington, DC ------------------ October 27th-28th, 2005
Ask for group discount and reserve your seat Now  (payment due after
the class)
Email Sue Turner:  sue at xlsolutions-corp.com
This course is designed for users who want to learn how to complement
extend statistical computing of SAS with the S or R system. The course
give SAS users a strong foundation for becoming a versatile R/Splus
Course Topics 

Day 1 
-An Overview of resources: installation and demonstration, the R
CRAN; the distribution for UNIX and windows systems; the package
literature: Venables and Ripley, Chambers and Hastie, other
-A Comparison of R and S-PLUS 
-Quick review of the SAS environment: the OS interface, the data step,
 procs, reports. Issues of data archiving with SSD format; interfaces to
-Data manipulations in S and R (data frame and matrix operations) 
and SAS (the data step) -- issues of importing, formatting,
cataloging, exporting 
-Functions vs macros in SAS for programming repetitive processes. 
-The iteration models of SAS vs whole-object modeling 
Day 2 
-Statistical modeling support in R/S vs SAS PROCS. 
-Integrated documentation and example processing in R/S. 
-Post-processing of function output in R/S vs OUTPUT datasets in SAS. 
-Specific comparisons: linear modeling, glms, gees, lmes 
-Report Writing 
-Extending the systems for new data structures and new algorithms 
Please let us know if you and your colleagues are interested in this
class  to take advantage of group discount. Register now to secure your 
seat in this course!

Elvis Miller, PhD
Manager Training.
XLSolutions Corporation
206 686 1578

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